If your spouse lives in a state outside of Virginia or your spouse's whereabouts are unknown, you may have your spouse served by order of publication.  An order of publication requires that a legal notice be published in a Virginia newspaper for four weeks.  The court also mails a copy of the order of publication to your spouse’s last known address.  If the spouse does not respond by a certain date, the court will grant the divorce.  A divorce by publication can be completed in less than three months. Your spouse’s signature is not required.

The requirements for a publication divorce are as follows:

  • You have lived in Virginia for the last six months.
  • You and your spouse have been separated at least one year
    (or six months if you have no minor children with your spouse an you have a written and signed agreement).
  • Your spouse lives outside of the state of Virginia and will not sign a waiver or accept service – in any other state or country; or you are unable to locate your spouse after making diligent efforts.
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Divorce by Publication - Additional Fee